Varsity Wrestling · TRANSPORTATION to and from WRESTLING EVENTS

The Athletic Department will be supplying a bus for all away wrestling events. The wrestling bus will be departing for weekday events at 4:15 pm and Saturday events at  7:15 am. If a wrestler misses the bus departure, she/he will not be allowed to wrestle in that event but are encouraged to go with their parents to the event and support his/her teammates. As a coach, I prefer that the team goes over and back together.

In the case a PARENT or PARENTS needing to take their wrestler with them, there is a specific procedure that is required to be followed. There is a special transportation request form located in the athletic office. This request form needs to be completed, signed by the parent(s) and returned to the Athletic Director  24 hours in advance of the event. The Athletic Director will approve or decline the request and return it to the athlete and deliver a copy to the wrestling coach. At the conclusion of the meet after the wrestler has taken a shower, the parent(s) will sign the athlete out with the head coach.

For a Saturday or a Monday event, the wrestler will need to pick up a request form by Thursday, have it returned to the athletic office Friday morning in order for the request to be processed Friday and given back to the athlete at practice with a copy to the coach. Tuesday event – processed on Monday; Wednesday event – on Tuesday, etc.  This procedure will be strictly followed.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.