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Winter Season Protocols

Miami Co. is currently under a “Orange” Status. This means spreading is escalating and limitations will need to take place.

While under an Orange Status, Parents Only will be allowed at games.

This status could change in the near future, depending if cases go up or down.

Game Protocols 

  • Fans must wear mask
  • Social Distancing is a must in bleachers
  • Parents will purchase tickets at the game & inform the ticket taker which athlete they are there for
  • Visiting team & fans will enter through door 2
  • Lower bleachers will be for the teams only – Fans must sit in the upper sections
  • Bleachers will be split – All home fans must sit on one side & all visiting fans must sit on one side.
  • Concessions will be provided, but limited to drinks, candy bars, popcorn and pretzels.
  • No visiting team cheerleaders
  • No Pep Band

While North Miami would like to not have any protocols in place, we understand these protocols give our athletes the greatest opportunity to play. If we do our part and follow protocols best we can, our hope is our athletes can have a winter season!

We appreciate your help!

North Miami Athletics