News · North Miami Athletics Temporarily Shutdown

Good Afternoon,

Due to the increase in COVID cases at North Miami, starting today – November 30th,  there will be no athletic practices or games. This will have a major impact on a number of our games 6th – 12th. This will also impact all school athletic clubs as well.  Practices will be able to start back up on November 30th for all athletic teams.

Games that will need to be cancelled.

 Girls V/JV Basketball

11/13/20 vs Southern Wells

11/21/20 vs Clinton Central

11/24/20 vs Lakeland Christian

11/25/20 vs Culver Military


Boys V/JV Basketball

11/19/20 vs Clinton Central (Scrimmage)

11/24/20 vs South Bend Clay

12/4/20 vs Maconaquah (Conf.) Will need to be Made Up

12/8/20 vs Culver Comm.


Boys C Team

11/30/20 VS Pioneer

12/7/20 vs Winamac


Wrestling V.

11/21/20 – Super 8 (Taylor HS)

12/1/20 vs Whitko (Dual)


Boys 7th/8th Basketball

11/19/20 vs Southwood

11/23/20 vs Peru

11/30/20 vs Caston


Boys 6th Basketball

11/11/20 vs Columbia

11/19/20 vs Whitko


Thank you,

Troy Hudson – Athletic Director

North Miami Jr/Sr High School