Athletic Department – Vision – Philosophy – Core Values

North Miami Warriors


North Miami Athletics’ goal is to develop high character student-athletes. Through athletics, athletes will learn teamwork, responsibility, competitiveness, pride, and core values that will last a lifetime.


The Philosophy of our athletic program is TOGETHER! It takes players, coaches, parents, and the community working TOGETHER to make a successful athletic program. We have to be a TEAM. Success will always be measured by what WE accomplish TOGETHERWE believe in sacrificing ourselves for the betterment of the TEAM. WE will uplift one another; knowing it will make US stronger as a UNIT. WE will focus on TEAM accomplishments, but will also recognize individual accomplishments. WE will measure our success on what WE accomplished TOGETHER and what WE went through TOGETHER to get there.

Core Values

RESPECT – Learning to work and develop the right kind of confidence

RESPONISIBLITY – Learning to be accountable and disciplined

INTEGRITY – Learning to do what is right

SERVANT LEADERSHIP – Learning to become a team player and leader

SPORTSMANSHIP – Learning to respect the spirit of the game